v. to wear a shirt with no pants.
Hey, it's a nice day today. I think I'll donald duck it.
by esong March 25, 2004
donald duck is when you wear a shirt but no pant
its a nice day i might donald duck it
by gingers can die October 13, 2021
a duck who has a bad temper and loves daisy duck plus he's rich
I love donald duck
by bye bye bye bye bye bye March 27, 2019
the best comparison to donald trump
hey dude, i think donald duck is better than donald trump the dump
by lijordon November 19, 2016
the most useless party member in the Kingdom Hearts series,
usually Donald duck is the cause of death 90% of the time
person1: why did you heal me right after I used a potion Donald duck?
by ajddavid452 November 17, 2016
haha check Donald Duck over there.
How does she balance
"stop breathing it is exiting me"
by Jaime O November 12, 2006
when someone wears just a shirt and no pants
"Daves girlfriend was constaly doing the donald duck around the apartment when no one was home"
by Dave Levy Jr May 20, 2004