Well it could be a typo of 'wtf' = what the fuck, but i like to think of it meaning 'well fuck that' :D

Made comical by the online flash cartoon 'the end of the world', when a meteor is about to hit earth, and decides not to, and is just like 'well fuck that'.
Pay you £1000 for this piece of crap? wft!
by aceizace July 25, 2004
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Meaning 'would fap to'. Used to describe something you would...well, fap to.
Person 1: Look at dis photo m9
Person 2: o damn wft
by Engineers solve problems October 27, 2016
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1) A typographical error occuring when attempting to type "wtf" meaning "what the fuck?"

2) For the Shakespearian - "what fuck thee?" A question one might ask in reference to the night prior.

3) A statement meaning "what? Fuck that"
1) N/A

2) "dude, wft last night?"
"thy mother, hag"

3) "you going to the study group tonight?"
"wft...I'm getting shitty drunk."
by dude92948 March 6, 2006
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Well fancy that. Used as a slightly sarcastic response to some interesting morsel of information, that isn't really usefull or that interesting.
Maxwels Daemon gives its name to long running unix processes....wft
by danmux June 24, 2011
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What? Fuck that

Also typo of - "wtf"
player251: dude, Tim banged you girl last night
tomboy69: wft
by average March 6, 2006
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means world fucking tour. its what awesome badass people say when they do something awesome and badass
guy 1: damn dude. i kicked his ass!
guy 2: ya man! wft!
guy 1: wft!
by taquito347 April 5, 2011
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What Fuck The. "wtf" spelled incorrectly.
wft d00d lag
by Asiafan July 29, 2003
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