When you sell your house and/or get fired from your janitor job but still continue to give money and support to a younger woman who does not fuck you and even squanders the resources on her playfully abusive ex boyfriends.
Well let's just say M & M were on permanent penile exile from the other M.
by Ranchgirls December 6, 2020
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(n) 1. The measure of quality of and quantity of attractive women at a given location at a specific time. See also "P-Factor."
1. The Penility Factor at that new night club is highest from 11:00pm through 2:00am.
by Ronniucci June 16, 2010
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One who is incredibly gifted in the handling of either their own or someone else's penis.
"As Michaelangelo worked with clay, and DaVinci with oil, Beth is a true artist with the cock. She my friend, is a penile picasso."
by theunknownone September 11, 2005
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A horrifying (and totally real) injury in which you literally snap your dick in half, as you can guess, this can only happen when your penis is erect, if you're a man and you don't wince from reading this, you're either tough as balls or a woman
Poor Hank has never been the same since he suffered a penile fracture, from what I hear, he needs to use a tube if his wife wants to have sex now
by Metallicajunkie October 5, 2018
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Mary Jane refused to have sexual intercourse with her boyfriend; however, she satiated his sexual appetite through penile mouthification..
by Reverend Jim October 16, 2006
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An involuntary muscle spasm located in the male genitalia. This spasm can last for two to seven seconds, and causes can include sexual stimulation, sexual over-stimulation, urination, electric shock, or extraneous sensory perception. No medical attention is required, although you should contact your doctor if you experience a penile flutter lasting longer than four hours, or if redness or discomfort occur.
"Oh man, that girl at the end of the bar totally gave me a penile flutter."
by Dr. Tobor February 17, 2011
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what one shoots into a urinal after they masturbate in a company bathroom
The secretary looked so good that I had to go blow a penile loogie in the bathroom
by connorsji May 8, 2008
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