The sharp,heart stopping, stop you dead in your tracks pain you get near your anal opening.EBS The reason is unclear and nothing comes of this mysterious poo, no flatulence.
I was having a great time at the party until I was overcome with an EBS, my date gave me a strange look and walked away...
by jelly January 3, 2005
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when she sucking dat dick too good you start to do the electric shock
Nigga 1 : ayo shawt gave me the electric shock last night

Nigga 2 : what you mean bro

Nigga 1 : bro she sucked my dick so good last might I was shaking

Nigga 2 : damn bro I wish my shawt did that
Nigga 1 : ask her for the electric shock
by johnnytest9 May 1, 2019
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