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Abusive is a guy who abuses people for his own amusement. A true weakling in every sense of a word. Especially when they do it to women. Abusive refers to anyone who beats on another physically, uses psychological and verbal abuse against someone or bullies another person.
Tom: Did you hear about that abusive guy Vitale who was bullying women?

John: Yea, what a scumbag.
by jayjad January 19, 2008
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Lying flat refers to a defeatist lifestyle in Chin, where people stop working, desiring material acquisition, and tap out of any social life – sometimes for good. By lying flat, young people are participating in a kind of non-cooperation movement, rather than surrendering themselves to China's oppressive work culture where they see little hope of social mobility.
I’m not going to try to get a better job so I can afford to start a family, I’m just lying flat.
by Freeo11 June 04, 2021
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A male or a female can be abusive, but since we live in a world where looks overpower reality, women are perceived as all-innocent feeble beings that have absolutely no idea what’s going on— ever. Men and women can come together to be abusive. Some people are forced to be abusive by other abusive people in order to avoid being abused. Only people that have experienced abuse know what this means— anyone else will be completely confused or siding with the one who makes themselves look like the victim. Sometimes they do it by being quiet and ensuring that the jury stands by them and sometimes they’re really good at crying and acting like they’ve lost everything despite being the one with more assets and more money and more social power.
Them: “She’s abusive! I swear— she’s lying about everything!”
Her: “I’m just a businesswoman.”
by Mo’Nique vs. Precious September 26, 2020
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Bonnie's tight usless gay ass, he whips his kids and leaves his sexual partner right before release. And then he wonders where he went wrong like some autistic mother fucker.
Why are you so autistic? "I had an abusive Bonnie as a parent, nuff said."
by Brain Jr. March 16, 2018
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Lillie is abusive. I mean, its LILLIE! There is no better definition!
Lillie is so abusive that she decided to abuse a chair.
Why are u so frakin abusive, Susy!
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by THE REAL PERSON!!!! November 22, 2019
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