a mispronunciation of people
penil do that too, I ment people
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(n) 1. The progressive loss of higher mental functions, and eventually motor skills, due to overuse of one's love muscle for thinking with.

A highly infectious condition spread by exposure to hot chicks, who are asymptomatic carriers of the disease.
Bob: As I was saying, infection of the lymphatic vessels may cause thickening of the skin and enlargement of underlying tissu... WOAH, BOOBIES!!1! .... Huh?

Bill: Oh noes. Another innocent, struck down in his prime by rampant penility. Where will it ever stop??
by Et tu, Spongebob? July 6, 2011
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When someone has a shiny scalp with no hair, and their head looks like the tip of a penis.
Look at Paul, he's one of the peniles.
by Real defs March 3, 2015
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penilized means to be 'screwed' or 'fucked' whether you liked it or not
Why should this group get away with the same things other groups were penilized for?
by word warlock October 2, 2010
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The act of drawing or otherwise rendering the image of a penis or a penis and testicles on something, usually someone else's property, as a means of playing a prank.
by JSF87 February 20, 2012
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waking up to a giant penis on your face; usualy drawn with a black perminant marker
that nikka Rodney penilized me after i passed out on his couch
by GBL July 18, 2008
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