whuts up nikka
by mizan December 15, 2003
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the slang for nigga that whites use to feel cool without gettin shot by a black man
white #1: Yo wassuP nikka??
white #2: Yo nuttIn mucH jess piMpin it as usUal
white #1: fO shoo dAs hoW we Do
white #2: HelL ya nikka

by RitOosh November 5, 2005
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Something white people that are afraid to nigga say to their friends on myspace.
by josh32393 September 5, 2007
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white trash (see the hagamans)
Check out those nikkas, they are burning shit again.
by Carl Brutanananadilewski March 6, 2008
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instead of sounding racist you say "nikka". it sounds like nigga but its not niggers!
look at that "nikka" over there why isnt he on a chain
by ctydfhyudhxf August 11, 2009
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