A very large, massive,extremely veiny cock.
Wow that giant penis of yours disappears when your fucking that guy
by someone August 21, 2003
one of the many things i wish i had
If only i wasn't hung like a crayon and had a gian black penis
by asymptote October 24, 2003
Obviously a large penis. It is unknown as to which race of human this genitalia is. It also houses some power that makes it fly. As well as flying, it also makes itself invisible. Using this power, one can be the ultimate sex icon.
" I Tried to take a whiz, but my penis magically detatched it self from my crotchal region and flew away. It turned invisible and grew in size quite dramatically. I knew It to be as The Giant Invisible Flying Penis. "
by Ilike ponies January 11, 2012