a sexy boy

who is smart and not dumb
a sexy man who name is Mc lovin Diaz
and gets all the hoes because he is smart
by Mc lovin August 04, 2007
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A modern slang for dipping tobacco. Originating in Houston, Texas.
Jones: What's in your lip?
Chipper: Diaz bro.
Jones: What flavor?
Chipper: Griz straight.
Jones: True yo, can i grab a pinch?
by Harryhkhk February 07, 2010
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to cover one’s oversized erection with ones necktie. Just jerk it to get rid of it. Then it will shrink and you won’t have to hide it.
Whoa that fat guy just pulled a diaz.
by bread infection December 07, 2009
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Fried, never denied, never lied, always tried, haters cried
Plenty came plenty tried, some got fried, they say some died. Nobody lied when he sighed - as poetic with with pride his crackness rhymed, when his love was denies they cried!
Diaz - lord of mankind
by Lord Diaz June 02, 2021
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When you are so tired of work, had an awesome weekend, realize its Monday 7am; you hate your job and your manger, you decide to make up some crazy excuse not to go in.
Hi Honey it's past 9 in the morning don't you have work today? Oh hell NO, I 'm pulling a Diaz Monday!
by crazyChris1969 May 16, 2016
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