person who controls the drug trade.
The drug lord Nick basically runs my school through drug trafficking, and organized crime.
by prepster#1 December 11, 2007
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drug lord amilie, alcapo i like drugs they are really good i have 2 delers. amilie sells drugs in YK she her nickname is dora
drug lord sells drugs
by gaige forrest March 7, 2017
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(Not to be confused with drug lord):

A person in north America with a bachelor's, masters, and PhD- all in biochemistry and all from north American uninversities-who produces for resale, but never consumes themselves, hard drugs like methamphetamine and crack cocaine.
I once worked with a former drug-lord at a community center.
by Sexydimma November 19, 2014
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When you are in the gym locker room and you wear your button-up shirt without buttoning it up. Preceded to say' " Sell all the cocaine" and say yes in a very evil but slightly charming voice.
1.Man that shirt is making you look like a Mexican drug lord

2.William Goad is a Mexican drug lord
by Tesco man May 31, 2016
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When a girl queefs while you're eating her out, and you quickly form a straw with your hands around her vagina-hole and snort her queef.
Guy A: "So I was like, going down on this girl, right? And then when she came, she like totally queefed. It's alright, though, I just did The Colombian Drug Lord."

Guy B: "What the fuck?!"
by Dale Diving March 23, 2013
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head guy in a drug ring
You aren't some big drug lord big baller in all this, u aint on that level
by TxasFlo45 July 11, 2017
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The African Father of the Seven Drug Lords is a legend known all over Africa and has seven drug lords all throughout Africa. He is the most feared person in Africa, and if you so happen to look at him wrong, he will drain you of your life force. When that happens, he will sell your life force to get his new shipment of drugs so he can distribute them to the drug lords and they can sell them.
Ruben: Hey Matthew have you heard about the African Father of the Seven Drug Lords?
Matthew: How do you know about my other half?
Ruben: What do you mean your other half Matthew?
Matthew: I'm sorry Ruben, but now you must die *Sucks the life out of Ruben*
Ruben: *dead lol*
Matthew: Good now i can get that new shipment =D.
by wowmandude January 9, 2017
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