a man who recieved a strap on dildo in the ass from a woman
Jake was pegged from behind by Jane.
by Joe June 28, 2004
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Being struck with an object which someone else threw at you, such as a tennis ball, dodge ball, football, crumpled up piece of paper.
Dude, Jack was walking to his car and I pegged him with a tennis ball in the back of the head.
by andrew82 January 18, 2008
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pinned, selected, to be appointed.
You have been pegged for that project.
by sousav January 21, 2009
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To drive so fast that the speedometer needle hits the peg that stops it from going round and round.
Dude, you hit 110 and pegged it!
by DanO February 23, 2005
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For a CPU (Central Processing Unit, the most important part of a computer), to be overloaded with work.

Most commonly this will results in lags for other processes.
Buffer timed out (is the CPU pegged?) -- Android AudioTrack log output
by vinntec December 15, 2011
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To be high on meth.
1. you want another hit? No Im pegged
by superboofer August 25, 2013
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