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Another was to say you have to go to the bathroom. Short for pee-pee.
"Hold on a minute, I have ta go peeps."
by Cindy Sullivan September 18, 2005
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slang term for the genital region of the male or female.
i. private parts
ii. penis; vagina
iii. small pink penis

I got so mad at him that i kicked him in the peeps, evan had a peeps small pink penis
by p&p July 11, 2008
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admirers, or a group of admirers of a certain person
Everywhere I go my peeps are hounding me for my number.
by Shavahn September 11, 2003
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When both a girls nipples slip out of her top but not the whole breast.

Called "peeps" because it resembles two eyes "peeping" over a fence.

Not to be confused with only the areola showing, or nipples visible through a garment.
"Dude, check out the peeps on that girl getting out of the water."
by A Nussbaum April 18, 2007
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To observe something, someone, or an event.
Yo, peeps that 'lac rollin on 22's!
by scantee March 31, 2005
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Short for penis. Type of word you might here a child saying.
He's got a peeps and she's got a 'giner.
by James L March 9, 2005
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