To gaze at someone who you find physically attractive.
Courtney was peeping at this chocolate dude with dreadlocks; he was so fine.
by SuperJD January 16, 2017
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To be raped by or with a penguin.
Flippers the penguin was peeping Brian, and now he has to go to the hospital.
by James Barry May 29, 2008
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pooping and peeing at the same time
omg, i'm peeping" "gross, don't tell me that
by auscaptain October 27, 2010
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When a man's erection is visible through his pants.
"Dude i was hugging the girl the other day and she almost caught me peeping!"
by King123 December 9, 2007
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small chickens that go PEEP PEEP that live on Patrick's farm in farmsville, Darien. Jose the cowhand feeds them and collects their eggs for breakfast.
Jose: How are the peep peeps doing after the cowboys and rebs raided your farm last week?
by MA March 5, 2003
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Looked at.
“I shoulda peeped your profile before sliding in your DM’s”

Peep this
by §Anonymous§ March 15, 2021
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