Track a DJ may have played that hasn't been released and therefore hasn't been ID'd.

New track a producer/DJ plays that nobody knows the name of yet.
How many ID's did he play last night?

Downloaded that set from EDC... There were so many ID's on it. Can't wait for them to be released!

To DJ: How many ID's you got for us tonight?
by Luis Rangel April 4, 2013
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ID is an abbreviation for In Development. Music Producers would usually name a song preview ID because it is a song being worked on.
Did you hear The Pegboard Nerds new song? It's currently ID though.
by Exprion January 16, 2015
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1. an identity card

2. any means of identification
by Light Joker September 17, 2005
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an item that's pretty much only useful to be able to buy cigarettes and alcohol.

I go to the store. I go to the cashier and say, let me get two Newports. The cashier says you have "ID". I say the excuse i left it at home. The cashier automatically wont sell it to me all because of the stupid smoking and drinking age laws.
by tatomuck2 August 31, 2008
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INTIAL D, the movie of all drifts
lets go play ID?!
man, i wish i was good as that guy in id
by k8ers October 8, 2006
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A short key for illegal downloading. To ID is to "Illegal Download."
by Doe, Jr April 4, 2008
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Abbreviation for "I Dont Even Like You"
"Hey girl!"
"Dude, idely"
by Neekko January 14, 2009
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