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Peacocking means dressing for attention. Just like Peacock's use their feathers to get a mate.
Peacocking is meant to make opening a girl easier, but if you're not congruent with your look (like, if you look like you're gay and you try to hit on a girl), wires are gonna get crossed somewhere and you're gonna blow yourself out.
by The Light August 26, 2006
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Peacocking is the action or actions exhibited in the beginning stages of courting. These actions are typically only temporary and exist during "the chase" of a mate. Much like a male peacock displaying his fruitful colors of his feathers to capture the attention of a mate.
For example, Bob, while dating Jane, paid for dinner, brought her flowers & candy, won prizes for her. However, after confirmation of a mutual relationship (boyfriend/girlfriend) all actions taken to impress Jane are now gone. Ergo, Bob was peacocking. courting dating
by Sammie27 November 07, 2011
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Showing off or dressing nicely with the intent to impress and gain the attention of a member of the opposite sex. The term itself, originating at UNC School of the Arts in Winston-Salem, comes from peacocks in nature who "shake their tail feathers" to attract mates.
Whenever Jerry hangs out with us and his girlfriend, he's always peacocking for her.
by Nikolai1oh3 November 05, 2010
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When a man sticks 12 or more various coloured paintbrushes up his ass in presentation for a female
Todd was totally peacocking for jenny last night. She gave it to him good after that. Blowjobs i mean. Penis sucking and all wile he squirted art out of his anal hole
by Tigerwoodley September 27, 2015
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Generally when someone makes it blatently obvious that they are proud of something, like a peacock opening up its feathers. The term is used to state when someone is beginning to get annoyed at the person who is arrogantly proud.
Male 1: did you see how many girls I got with last night!?

Male2: Dude, they were all relatively ugly.

Male1: I could have slept with all of them if I wanted too.

Male2: Jesus christ, stop peacocking!
by Nikoraisu June 16, 2013
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The act of trying to elevate yourself and stand out in the company of your tall friends so people actually notice you realize that you are there.
Taylor Swift: I just want to start by saying that this is what he does. He tries to elevate himself, just like geographically, so he can seem.....

Ed Sheeran: taller,...

Taylor Swift: ....better than me..

Ed Sheeran: ..taller.

Taylor Swift: Like experts will study this and say that you're like, what are you doing? You're like peacocking right now?

Ed Sheeran: That's because you were fvcking heels all the time.

Taylor Swift: Look what I did for you today!

(Raises her leg and shows Ed her sneakers.)
by Barakay May 05, 2018
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The act of writing on someones facebook wall to make either yourself or your friend seem more fun/cool/witty/popular. It is often done with the intention of someone in particular reading it.
Q: Why did Sarah write that on Janes facebook wall rather than just text her?
A: She was obviously peacocking

Jane: I really want Max to think that I am moving on!
Sarah: Don't worry, I will peacock you later about last night
by peacock12345 January 07, 2012
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