In hockey, when a player makes a move around the D by moving (dangling) the puck around one sie of the D and skating around the D the other way, meeting up with the puck and lighting up a SNIPESHOW™.
That niggas got some dangles!
by SNIPE SHOW DANGLES May 17, 2007
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In hockey, where a player can really handle the puck well. Either skating or stick handling around other players. See Don Cherry 17 for visual examples
"Wow that guy has sick dangles!"
by zhep03 January 2, 2006
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the act of being the sickest man anywhere. you snipe any chick you want. ripped to perfection you know no boundaries because your the biggest Bobby big wheeler in the club
man did you see my brother bring that hot girl home last night
ya man hes a fucking dangler
one day i hope to have dangles like him
by sickstercheesymcstyles April 14, 2008
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Ive never heard this term used to refer to a gay person, Ive only heard it referring to people as the shit. That person is cool or such.
by RagePrblm February 27, 2005
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balls, nuts, sack, DANGLES! closely associated with a jangle or wangle if you will..
"ay boy lemme see your dangles"

"dude where are my dangles?"
"in your pants man!"

"i have 2 dangles on my lower half"
by dooddooddangle July 20, 2009
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sleeps with men: refering to a gay person, whereas his dick would "dangle" from his cut offs.
Person A: "Look at that fruity muthaf***a over there, man!"

Person B: "Yea. you know he dangles"
by The Naptown Baller February 16, 2005
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Maily used in the sport of hockey, it is to deke around your opponet with the puck in a fancy fashion.
You just got dangled.
I dangled that guy out so bad.
by Rim Job Rob February 19, 2008
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