a phrase that describes something really awesome.
person1: how'd u like the ska concert?
person2: that was totally rad!!
by [girly] July 31, 2006
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Something you say when you see something Badass! It is
also known as Skateboarding company owned by CEO Andy Salas,
Diego: Dude did you see that 360 flip to nose Krook?

Andy: Ya dude that was Totally Rad!
by Smokey the Meerkat March 29, 2015
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1. The coolest anything can be. This short, simple phrase perfectly conveys the Platonic ideal of Awesomeness. No matter how many other positive adjectives are strung together to describe something, they cannot amount to more than this.

2. The highest appellation bestowed by The King of Rad. Very few have received this honor throughout the ages, though many have tried. It is usually given without prior knowledge or expectation of the recipient, as the truly cool know what they are and really don't care all that much about other people's opinions.
by Nothus August 30, 2005
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Something my buddy and I say instead of "getting High"

Its something you can say around your folks without them knowing what you mean.
Dude 1 to dude 2: Hey bro! Wanna go down to the creek and get totally rad?

Dude 2: Heck yes my good sir! I would love to go down to the creek and get totally rad with you!

Dad: Huh?

Dude 2:....... I love getting totally rad...

Dad (in a murmur):.... fuckin kids
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An awfully cringe term that makes anyone hate you.
WHOA DUDE THATS totally rad brah!”
by Dsdavfrbgtnnfgh5(6((: June 3, 2022
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