arousing pity, especially through vulnerability or sadness
Example: Manny is a pathetic and pitiful excuse for a human.
by Niggato June 21, 2017
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To not be apathetic, as the a- in apathy negates the root "pathos".

So to say, to have emotions, care, feel sympathy/empathy, and show interest.

Often confused to mean that something deserves pity.
Girl: Gimme back my purse!
Bully: haha! Whatcha gonna do about it?
Guy: knock it off!

(school counselor hears this)
(guy punches bully I'm split second that counselor isn't looking)
girl: thank you! That was very brave.

Counselor: good job kid! That was very pathetic of you!
Guy: WHAAAATTT?!?!?!
by JelvinJS7 April 17, 2011
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Someone who is stupid enough to blame their own problems on other people and can’t be mature enough to own up to their own actions.
Jeez, millennials are so stupid and pathetic these days.
by PettyPrincess101 October 06, 2017
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Moonpie face Illustration major from Wisconsin.
A moon pie face that pathetically updates facebooks 24/7 about her life and her alone time and her attempt to make people think she's happy.
by Pretty People January 23, 2011
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usually someone who is 18 and takes pleasure in picking on people 16 years and younger, just because they're jealous that a certain person didn't get dumped over the net, and still has the love of another certain person and this other certain person doesn't have baggage. ROFLL and this person normally pretends to be educated and mature.
definitely pathetic
that girl that uses that website is really pathetic.

she is so pathetic, she should be looking after her child instead of picking on other "children".

by princessh April 27, 2006
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The state where your bicep girth is smaller than that of your penis.
Look at that skeletal fag, he's pathetic.
by FireballX301 June 23, 2004
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