A male name for Muslims with an Arabic origin,most boys with this name are extremely Handsome, loved by all females, are charming to the core, loved by all and prove to be great friends for anyone who needs them whether they like that person or not. Also they are known to excel with a woman in bed and are known to be a success with women. An Umer is usually looked up too by all younger ones and peers and proves to set records that become legends and tales are told about Umer and what great feats he accomplished. All Umers are great frends and lend a helping hand or a shoulder to anyone and everyone.
Girl 1:- Where are all the sute guys.
Girl 2:- Look at the one just entering this place
Girl 1:- Wow! I'm sure he's Umer!
by He_man! August 14, 2010
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An arrogant person with a desire to make money and be with girls despite looking like a monkey
Umer gets all the girls
by YourDadHaHa February 02, 2018
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A fat autistic ape that is ancient and is Pakistani. Is hairy af and loves men.
Ooooooo my goooooood

Hey stop acting like an umer
by The طاطاطا October 27, 2017
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