A fad that's no longer cool or interesting.

With the internet and life becoming more and more interconnected -- fads no longer last as long as pre-internet times. Fad seasons are trending closer to one month.
Trucker hats are so last month.
by Eric November 19, 2003
the month before this month
by not not me November 29, 2020
On the The Colbert Report (a show on Comedy Central at 11:30) episode "Wikiality", host Stephen Colbert asked viewers to add this sentence to Wikipedia, on the basis of wikiality, which means that if most people believe something to be true, then it becomes a fact. It can also be used randomly or as a joke.
Guy 1: "Hey wassup"
Guy 2: "The number of elephants has tripled in the last six months!"
by vv007!!! August 11, 2006