Any person who loves working for Wal-Mart and kissing Wal-Mart managers asses.
by Associate September 10, 2003
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A fat white guy who gets fired from Sears and beaches his car on a curb at Starbucks.
Alex is pathetic. Good stuff, man.
by Cassie Deuchemal April 25, 2004
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Any person that adds his or her name to urban dictionary in an attempt to gain popularity or make his or her self feel special or important.
Wow! You're so pathetic you actually put your name on urban dictionary? You should go kill yourself
by hellscowboy October 19, 2011
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A person online who harasses children to make them attempt suicide
Person A:"a grown man online just told me to kill myself"
Person B:"damn, that's pathetic"
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"how pitiful"
Throwing your whole emotion out there to a man/women that doesnt even care or takes advantage of you
there she was, on her knees, begging and crying. Saying "i want you to love me".
usage: what a pathetic girl
by vanssk8ergirl November 06, 2018
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a word used by illiterate losers who really mean to say "pitiful" but are trying to impress normal people with their soap opera-inspired vocabulary.
that rompf sure is a pathetic organism.
by himself o'leary September 10, 2004
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