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to give false testimony
President Clinton gave testiphony when he pointed his finger at the American public and said,"I did not have sex with that woman."
by Boss Brian May 03, 2009

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A sorry, exhausted, frustrated state of mind, self-inflicted as the result of an obsession with beating one's own score in Facebook's Pathwords game
"It's 6:00 in the morning and you've already played 10 rounds of Pathwords. You're Pathetic!"
by Boss Brian July 12, 2009

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a message that you prematurely fired off via email or the Internet that you regret sending later
I had a premature e-jaculation when I sent an email to my boss giving him a piece of my mind.
by Boss Brian June 03, 2009

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the condition of being desperate to please, resulting in "yes" responses to everything regardless of the reasonableness of the "yes" responses
My wife is a hopeless disciplinarian with our children and can't say "no" to anything; she's yesperate.
by Boss Brian June 23, 2009

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total confidence in putting together glittery, flashy, over-the-top fashion ensembles
Dolly Parton is the master of glitteracy.
by Boss Brian May 04, 2009

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A state of mind in which the person is unrealistic, verging on being delusional. Being out-of-it.
All of those people who bought those sub-prime mortgages must have been "in the Hamptons" when they did that. Or,

I was hiking in the Appalachians, hit my head on a rock, and was "in the Hamptons" for an hour or so.
by Boss Brian July 31, 2009

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the well intended act of constantly refreshing someone's alchoholic beverage resulting in the extreme intoxication of the over-served one
Margaux is a great server but her fillanthropy gets me drunk every time.
by Boss Brian June 18, 2009

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