To thrust the penis between a women's preferably large breasts and ejaculate on her chest and/or face.
I like to park it with big bosoms.
by carlathebeautiful April 23, 2013
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In golf, to make a great shot, inches from the hole.
Golfer #1 "Okay, partner, let me see you park it."
Golfer#2 "Hell, I'm just gonna make it."
by UCSteve November 27, 2016
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Brad was too cheap to spring for a hotel, so we went parking at Lover's Lane.
by Mystie March 27, 2005
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A legend, someone who is a great person to be with, a true champ ever see this surname then you’ll be very lucky, a treasure a person with this surname is sent from the gods love them with all your heart
by Microwavedsausage April 20, 2020
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hesoo park
by bakseoo September 9, 2003
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The act of parking your car in a well hidden area and getting it on with the other person. Either in the backseat or passenger seat. Not intended for in a closed-off trunk.
They went parking behind the old factory last night.
by yeathatsright. February 10, 2010
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