The people who hold oxygen cylinder for the paramedics.
"Here, hold this," said the paramedic to the emergency medical technician.
by nyc14gauge November 3, 2006
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Also know as EMT there are three levels, EMT 1, 2 and 3 level 3 is also know as paramedic, EMT's can also be firefighters. EMT
"When she fell the Emergency Medical Technician came to save her."
by Jade_baby August 9, 2006
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In NY there are 4 levels of Emergency Medical Technician 1-Basic, which are sometimes assistants to 3's and 4's 2-Intermediate which aren't very common 3-Critical Care(ALS) 4-Paramedic(ALS) the only difference between 3's and 4's are about 2 drugs and the ages of pediatric patients they can work on.
1's cannot start iv's the only drugs they can give are oxygen, asprin, glucose, and albuterol (from ages 1-65), they can bandage, board, collar and take vitals from anyone but when other drugs, heart monitoring or iv access is needed ALS is called.
"County to Oralsexville request for you to respond to 123 Cleavland Steamer Ave. 68 year old male, difficulty breathing and chest pain.
County, A-69 en route BLS, re-tone my angency for ALS"

"County to Oralsexville request for you to respond to Scumbag apts. apt 16, the Sperm residence, some stupid fuck says he wants detox, but hes really out of beer and wants a sandwich and sleep it off until tommorow when hes sober enough to find his welfare check and buy more beer"
"sounds like a BLS call to me"
Sucks being a Basic Emergency Medical Technician!
by some medic August 14, 2007
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