Latin-Caribbean slang for female genitals.
"Esa puta ya no me quiere dar mas papaya."
by Captain Morgan January 23, 2004
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verb. a form of speech referring to an act. to papaya.

noun. a fruit shaped like a vagina. slang for vagina.

adjective. descriptive of things reminding one of a vagina or causing an erection.
You tryin to papaya tonight?

I was papayaing all night and slept like a baby all day.

That shit is so papaya.

I was eating a papaya and it tasted rather good.
by Flyin Papayan December 9, 2009
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Korean pop girl band consisted of 5 girls, then 3 girls (2 dropped out after 1st album). Sings mostly happy pop-ish songs.
Q: Have Papaya done anything since their 2nd album?
A: Sadly, no... :(
by AquaWarlock May 15, 2004
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A fruit with juices that can cause prolonged erections
After I bit into a papaya, I realized that Playboy is a waste of money and I can just buy papayas to make my penis go up longer.
by kwang June 10, 2003
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1. to have an erect penis.
2. to be horny.

Dude! I just got a papaya and I think Joyce saw!
by ernestsbestfriend January 19, 2009
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adjective or noun.

adjective form: describing a very sensual person.

noun form: a tender fruit.
C: Daaaam that ladys kissin' up to me, tryin' ta get in my pants.

T: Nah fool. She's a papaya at heart.
by Nicholaei January 9, 2008
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