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A douche of a team. They think they're the best, but they can't win them all!
At one time, the Patriots had the longest win streak in the NFL. On Halloween night 2004, the Pittsburgh Steelers shut them down killing their streak at 21.
by Scratch DJ January 25, 2005
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Star player, owner, and Captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins. Started a group to buy the Pens out of bankrupcy. Won a gold medal for Canada in the Olympics.
Helped the Penguins capture 2 back to back Stanley Cups in 1991-1992
by Scratch DJ June 10, 2004
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Abv. for Sales Mark.
The logo has a SM at the right.
by Scratch DJ February 5, 2005
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To clean out the vagina.
Sometimes the puss just needs a little Spring cleaning!
by Scratch DJ January 27, 2005
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What happens if you don't use a condom/rain coat or it breaks.
Ya wanna know what I say to people who get pregnant and don't want to?
"Ya should have had anal sex...or atleast have used a condom!"
by Scratch DJ June 16, 2004
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Old dude that dances in six flags commercials. This dancin dude cracks me up all the time.

dance, dude, dance!
by Scratch DJ June 10, 2004
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