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Star player, owner, and Captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins. Started a group to buy the Pens out of bankrupcy. Won a gold medal for Canada in the Olympics.
Helped the Penguins capture 2 back to back Stanley Cups in 1991-1992
by Scratch DJ June 10, 2004
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The only word in the song "Rock N' Roll #5" that is often played at sports arenas.
Anouncer: "He shoots, he scores"

(music starts)
by Scratch DJ June 10, 2004
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A CONDOM. This word is created with the Chinese word for penis which is "papaya", and the American meaning of the word which is a kind of fruit. Since you put papayas in fruit cups, it would be like putting your penis or "papaya" in somthing. The penis is the fruit and the condom is the cup. And that's how "fruit cup" was born.
Use a fruit cup to prevent STD's.
by Scratch DJ February 5, 2005
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