(n) This Term is derived for Greek society. It it completely sexual in nature.
The man shoves a cigar cutter up a females genitals, proceding to engage in sexual intercourse. When she reaches a climax, the area tightens, cutting the weiner of clean.
Thanks grandma that was a wonderful Cuban.
by Eric S. March 23, 2005
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A cuban is great way to get a great party going. Refers to a cuban cigar, hand made, and illegal in the United States. People get really impressed when you pull a couple out and light em up.
A tool: Yo, i got some cubans!
Everyone Else: YO, sweet, lets hit em!
by boardbro January 26, 2005
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One who hails from Cuba or of close descent.
I'm from Cuba so that makes me Cuban.
by DC November 16, 2005
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A person from Cuba who is stereotyped ALOT. most of them are 'chusmas', but some are actually classy, wealthy people.

We talk loud and sometimes are annoying, but people love us anyways. we love our family and always have food to offer.

Their abuelitas always feed them, even if they are 1000 pounds.

Cubans are white, black, mulato, and chinese.
Cubans ALWAYS have the best food (croquettas, picadillo, carne con papa, abondigas, etc.) and their bread is the SHITT.

Most Cuban men/guys are cocky and arrogant, and even being a Cuban, i admit it. The old men usually talk loud and say "OYE" with a nasaly voice.

About 90% of miami is made up of cubans, but not all came from little banana boats. (my family came on a plane)
Alot of cubans own farmacias, and live in Hialeah.
Cuban: Oye eat some picadillo!
Cuban: I'm not this is my whisper!

Person: oh well i'm not hungry
Cuban: ok i'll feed you anyways.
by PinoyCubana November 18, 2011
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best love makers cigar makers clothes maker musicians cookers in the world
cubans have the best women ever great dancers
by imcuban February 7, 2010
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If something is cuban, it is completely cool. The Australian TV show "Home and Away" attempted to inject it into Australian slang.
Dave: My V8 is lowered, red, and very fast.
Sally: That is totally cuban. When do I get a spin?
by serhorse June 28, 2006
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One who is confined to a desk and pc within partitioned walls made of cloth; Decorated with pictures and useless novelty items. Dilbert comics are prefered. The more frendly cuban may leave candy for fellow cubans to enjoy. Status of cuban in cube society can be determined by a placard, size or even the height of cube. Communication between cubans is primarily done through email. It will usually take several emails to several people before a task can be completed.
I wanted to get a drink at the bar but the place was full of cubans so I left.
by THE MAN DICTIONARY May 27, 2005
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