The Arabic translation of Jesus.
People with this name are badasses and are highly respected.p.s it is usually spelled "Isa"
by Rayman3000 September 28, 2013
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Probably the best person that I know and could always look forward to seeing. Also has something with the letter “r” and sometimes she can have a problem but it is fine. Oh and says “mhmm” a lot so if you ask a normal question not anything like weird that is the response or the word nope. Btw if anyone was wondering who reads knows me just say “ Daniel had a goat” and you can have a free song sung by yours truly(Offer ends on 8/12/19).
Esa has eyebrows. Oh and Beany Bean is a dragon.
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Esa is your "homegirl". She will be straight with you and will be loyal till the end. Esa is the weird/fun one in the group. She will always have your back. Everyone wants to be Esa's friend. She may be weird but she is amazing. She see the good in everything. She
Is crazy too. But you will love her. She will stand up for you. She has no problem protecting the ones she loves. Don't take her for granted!
Esa is my best-friend.
by Qwerty yippie March 27, 2015
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Originally finnish man's name. Used as a mocking word for a bit stupid person.
Kunnon esa, hakkas taas sahalla nauloja... on se kunnon esa.
by Rejjosaatana November 25, 2010
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Esa means a Mexican homegirl.
Using esa is for females if u wanna call a homeboy its ese.
However not all homies use this.
Note that not all use this term.
Another term for esa would be homita which can also mean lil homegirl using it for a male it would be homito.
some other Centro Americans use these terms as well.
But are mainly used by Mexican homies.
Ahi esa that vato over there looks real firme.
by ESA SPOOKY February 28, 2008
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esa loca !
by Anonymous September 28, 2003
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