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anything cool, hip, original, fascinating, or likeable. derived from guitar player lingo, a couple guys are playing, one dude loses his feed, and the other dude goes, "dude, you're unplugged." and the dude who's unplugged goes, "does that mean cool?" and the other dude goes, "sure, why not?"
"dude, that record is totally unplugged."
by Captain Morgan December 11, 2004
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1. Someone who must urinate with alarming frequency after consuming only a modest amount of beer or other alcoholic beverage.
2. A person that cannot hold their liquor
"That pissquick passed out after only five shots of Tequila."
by Captain Morgan January 23, 2004
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Latin-Caribbean slang for female genitals.
"Esa puta ya no me quiere dar mas papaya."
by Captain Morgan January 23, 2004
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A guy who misses work but doesn't think he misses work and drinks a bottle of rum a night and pisses off his girlfriend. Tells you how it is. Means what he says but never remembers.
Brendan drinks a lot but doesn't think he does
by Captain Morgan September 23, 2017
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