Spreader of `old`wives tails.A Dr.usually male,who your wife looks forward to having her ass fingerd while you are at work.
Nancy ran over three pedestrians and a dog, while racing to her gynecologist for a free worming.
by spike45036 July 9, 2003
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an old man who is whipped by a milf. i.e. kirco's step dad
kircos dad
by andyman April 30, 2004
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term for any young male who,without medical license,proceeds selflessly and in the interest of science to engage in the exploration of the female anatomy ...
While in college,though not in pre-med,Paul considered himself an amateur gynecologist.
by sheila in the car January 23, 2010
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Having to be very close to a vagina or a butt.
Nearsighted Gynecologist- being extremely close than usual to a womans genitals.
Well, I hope you clean your booty really good, because I would hate to be your gynecologist.
by Phoneix86 February 16, 2018
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A OB/Gyn doctor that is old enough to be your grandpa. Many women prefer this type especially if there are no female gynecologist available because they don't feel as embarrassed when he examines them. Most women do not want a good looking young OB/Gyn because they are already so self conscious about lying on the exam table with their feet in the stirrups. Grandpa will also do annual breast exams.
I was so embarrassed when the handsome, young gynecologist entered the exam room. I was hoping for a Grandpa Gynecologist.
by kaneki October 1, 2009
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