This boy will always have your back even if your fighting he’ll be there his best friend is probably Mark and paddy is a very good footballer with the strength also to fight
Paddy will be up for a fight
by Paddy07 April 01, 2019
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PADDY- an inconvience you just cant get rid of, a discomfort, an iritant, pure annoyance, anything you do not want or that is a hindrance to your happiness.
I've just stubbed my toe - agh PADDY!

That cloud it blocking the sun.. It's a Paddy cloud

You are such a Paddy!
by BakerJ August 17, 2010
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A group of tightwad PAD members that resist the urge to conform to society's standards. IE. sleep, courtesy, and overall friendliness.
ROOM MATE #1: "Damnit, it's those Paddies again..."

ROOM MATE #2: "Yea, they're here all the fuckin time..."

PAD #1 "Shut Up, Bitch!"

ROOM MATE #2: "Looks like someone's being a Crabby Paddy..."

STORY: Those PAD members like to invade the space of room mates and tell the nicest guy across the hall to shut up on occasion. Then, they wake other people up, (who actually live in the room) and freeload off of the bed and room space to finish a quiz at 2AM and then have a gigantic orgy at 3AM.
by TheDarkTipper March 04, 2009
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Midly offensive term for an irish person, taken from st. patrick, who wasn't actually Irish.
Who's that lying on the ground? Stop skiving Denis, you useless paddy.
by Kung-fu Jesus July 08, 2004
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