Paddy has got a huge penis.This guy is so good loooking all the girls are hanging off of him.All of the girls shift him but it’s only a few beours who get to do it.If you know a paddy you have to shift this fella drop everything and ask him to shift if you’re lucky enough he will shift you and trust me his shifts are the best in the world.All the Beours love Paddy
by Truthtell976 November 03, 2018
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the name given to people of irish orientation, regardless of sex.
'Fuck off Paddy, you smell'

'Paddy was a nice girl from ireland'
by Gamblor October 28, 2003
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Person 1 - What you get?
Person 2- 3 A*s, but i want to retake two of them!
Person 1 - God you're such a paddy!
by u dont know who :-) April 16, 2010
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Paddy originated from the irish hills was found by jmoo and taken to the lowly town of sheringham in which he was greeted with gifts of gold frankinsence and cheese! he was to turn on the christmas lights but when he got on the stage he began masterbating and cam all over the croud!
Paddy now means
1) offensive slang for a gay person
2) a wank
3) a very small penis
1) Shut up you stupid paddy
2) hes just had a paddy in the loo
3) god hes got a paddy
by Niallb December 01, 2004
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Short name for 'Patrick'
Nick name for kids from Belgium
Sometimes relates to kids with mental issues.
Person 1: Did you see that kid there? He's such a paddy.
Person 2: Yes, but that's not nice calling him a paddy because he has issues!
by PokemonNo July 31, 2016
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To projectile vomit violently intersparsed with quoting from the bible.
Person " BLURGH"

Man 1 "Is he okay?"

Man 2 "Yeh, hes just pulling a paddy"
by Limtech April 25, 2011
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An irish drunk, who drinks whisky and lots of beer. He always is close to his irish roots
Paddy just drank an entire bottle of Jameson.
by Jersey February 28, 2005
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