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1. A desciptive word for matter when in a state more excited than usual. Touching a hot object generally gives a painful, stinging sensation.

2. Having great sexual attractivity.
1. The glowing hot sheet of aluminium burned my hand when I touched it.

2. The girl on the other side of the street was the hottest person I had ever laid my eyes upon.
by eszett March 08, 2003

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A very fine browser, perhaps the best one out there, with nicer users than Firefox.
Opera's users don't try to forcefully convert people like Firefox's users.
by Eszett February 06, 2005

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the fourth most spoken language on Earth (after body, Chinese, and what's-it-called). Because of its high saturation of words and numerous associations to the number 43, atomic number of technetium, it is considered to be a radioactive language, which decays by alpha-particle emission to Latin.
Our map was in Spanish a few minutes ago. Now it's all in Latin, and it glows too.
by eszett May 15, 2003

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A special type of salad intended for people learning how to type. It often goes along with some asdf and/or jkl;.
Chris took a break from his typing lesson to get a bowl of jak salad.
by Eszett March 02, 2004

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The light of the noble gasses, at. no. 2, used as a lifting agent for zeppelins and balloons. If you inhale it, your voice will sound really funny like you're pinching your nose. Just don't asphyxiate yourself, or you'll be sorry.
When he let go of his balloon, it floated up into the air because of the helium inside it.
by eszett March 09, 2003

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A metallic element on the periodic table with an atomic number of 74. It has the highest melting point of all metals and is otherwise cool.
When I said I wanted some tungsten, I did not mean molybdenum. Tungsten pwns molybdenum any day of the Muslim calendar.
by eszett March 08, 2003

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The first element on the periodic table. Burns with glee when lit, and explodes when lit near oxygen.
That stupid guy lit some hydrogen he mixed with some oxygen.
by Eszett February 27, 2004

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