algae are microscopic single celled organisms that produce oxygen.
scientist: hey look at these algae they are so funny.
scientist 2: no, all they do is just sit there and produce oxygen.

scientist: wow, buzzkill.
by thisisSPARTAAAAAA January 29, 2012
A woman with large, saggy breasts marked by numerous folds and wrinkles toward their base. Long stretch marks are frequently seen on the upper hemispheres.
The unfortunate drunk was unable to get anything better at the party than the algae tits that was left over sitting in the corner.
by Bothar the Magnificent November 1, 2007
When a couple are having anal sex and the man is pleasured with an unexpected residue when withdrawing from their partner's anus. The "unexpected residue" is brown in tint, and usually resembles algae..
Damn bro, I was humpin this chick in her ass, but when I pulled out she gave me some fucking brown algae on my rubber. FUCK that bitch needed to wash her ass out.
by MyExHasADirtyHole August 4, 2008
This is a humorous reference to the likely genetic nature of someone's problems.
Alvin crashed another car and set a fire, there is algae in the gene pool!
by I, Wreckerrr June 6, 2021
A very special dish consisting of boiled fish heads and copious amounts of seaweeds.

Pescado Con Algas is normally enjoyed by the Bere family on weekends.
Puche-What’s Bere having tonight for dinner?

Uncle Paulie- Well Pescado con Algas of course..

Puche- Ufffffff
by John Salchichón August 10, 2019
Street slang used by Midwest youth to refer to the recreational drug Sernyl (commonly called PCP) mixed with pond-scum. Lake Michigan is known to contain high concentrations of PCP, enticing dust heads to drink the water in search of a high.
Did you hear what happened to Brian? He pulled out all his teeth with pliers and swallowed them after someone gave him some busy bee algae.
by February 2, 2011
When two lesbians link vaginas, scissor style!
Damn look at those algae eaters!
by Awwww ya April 14, 2018