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oxycontin, oxy, OC, O are street names for this popular narcotic. To take oxy you have to bypass its time relaes, you can do this by peeling off the coating and chewing it, crushing it up and railing it, or in rare cases disolve it with a little water and slam it, that is to say inject it. Oxy is the most expensive drug out there ranging from $20-$50 for a 40mg pill or $35-$100 for a 80mg pill, $25 if you're lucky. An average user will use a minimum of 80mg to a maximum of 320mg a day. That's up to $300 a day!!
You'll start taking oxy because it helps you work or it makes you feel good whatever but watch out take too much oxycontin for too long and you'll end up where if you don't do it, you'll be in the worst pain of your life.

Imagine the pain of the worst flu you've ever had in your life, take away the stomach aches and multiply the weakness, body aches and the feeling of pins and needle in every muscle of your body by about 10 and you have the pain of an oxy withdraw.

People will do oxy at work because it takes away the pain you get in your legs and feet after standing for hours on end. bust a rail and you're good to go.

The high you get from oxy is the greatest high in the world, getter than coke, and all that, it's indescribealble. If you think about it it's kind of like an insta-tanked pill. Once you take it you're loose and free kinda like being drunk but you wont get sick and you don't feel bad in the morning

You can also party like a rockstar all night long without getting tired.

If you have a hangover or you're getting sick bust a rail you'll be better in seconds.

Needless to say there are many reasons to get on oxy but a warning to all... You will spend every dime you have and a lot more, you'll hit rock bottom and guess what, there's nothing you can do about it because you physically can't stop railing this magic pill. You sleep habits get messed up 12 hours of sleep will feel like only 4 hours of sleep, the only way to wake up is to hit up a rail, but once you do that you;; be good to go like nothing ever happened. Be carful though, once you exhibit the symptoms i've just listed, that's when you are officially addicted... The end will be inevitable.

This drug is a great thing but dont abuse it my friends, you'll never forgive yourself

I've been doing oxy for about 2 years now and have spent tens of thousands of dollars on it. I know people that have spent more than that

its a mental and physical addiction that you cant beat and i cant give you an answer on how to get off because i've never met anyone who has been able to accomplish this feet. Jack Osborn and Rush both supposedly got off but they both went to a detox clinic.

Good luck to all of you
see you in the next life
by detox magic April 23, 2006
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OxyContin is a powerful prescription opioid painkiller. It will bend you over and fuck you up the ass like an innocent altar boy alone in the vestry after services. If you take it just to have fun you will almost certainly become addicted psychologically and eventually psychically. If you take it because you are in pain you will most likely become physically and mentally addicted to it, your tolerance will increase over time and you will run out before the end of the month. When you run out you will crash and end up buying in on the street. SERIOUS DO NOT FUCK WITH THIS DRUG AT ALL. If you are in pain smoke some pot, it is neither psychically addictive nor dangerous, it will make you happy, hungry, sleepy and mostly pain free. If you are taking it just for fun you are highly advised to stop immediately and seek help for your underlying problems or you will soon find yourself in a withdrawal as bad as heroin and you may even find yourself stealing or prostituting to get your next fix. Take it from an addict of many years, no one deserves this curse.
OxyContin will bend you over and fuck you up the ass like an innocent altar boy alone in the vestry after services. Up rate this is you are a fellow addict and wish to warn newbie users ,by way of vivid imagery, the hell they are getting themselves into.
by OC180MS200 March 15, 2011
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a semi-synthetic opioid. released to the public around 1995 and has recently become more popular than crack and cocaine.
i was a coke head, a crack addict and a meth junkie and all of those drug habits i beat on my own. i wish i could say the same for oxycontin. i started using it as a prescribed pain management system, but it wasn't too long before i developed a dependency and starting working just to support my habit. as for it's pain killing properties there can't be a more powerful substitute. likewise, with its addictive qualities, there can't be a harder habit to break. i think i could give up cigarettes before oxy's. this drug is more dangerous to abuse than just about any other drug. the withdrawl is beyond description. it amazes me that the FDA allows something like this to hit the market. what's more amazing is that doctors seeem to know very little about it, or they simply don't care to tell you what they do know. my doctor gave me no indication that it was so highly addictive, or that the withdrawl would be equivallent to a week in a torture chamber.

to anyone looking for a powerful pain killer, watch out for these pills. they are incredibly expensive to get on the streets when your script runs out. where i live, it is common to pay upwards of 40-50 bucks for one 80mg pill. last week i got a great deal, 30 eighties for 150 bucks. i've already gone through them and need more. the withdrawl has hit me and i would rather be dead than feel like this
by bukschacht June 15, 2008
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Oxycontin-;A pill that comes from your local dealer round the way. Comes in pink 20's yellow 40's, n them off-green fat boy 80's. A pill u clean, bust down with a hose clamp from your car -wich can easily be converted into a cheese-grater like tool, only its not cheese your about to grate-,and people either snort, or melt it down and shoot it up. Highly addictive, known to be Highly euphoric, and HIGHLY expensive.
I was addicted to Oxycontin for a good 5 years before i got off of them bitches, had the money to do it, had vast access to snag it, and a tolerance to the stuff that you wouldnt believe. I coulda probably done enough OC in one day to put down a friggin Rhino. Thats how bad it gets. Once that tolerance builds up, your Screwed, cause it takes more and more to get off like you want to. Just dont friggin do it folks. Be smart. If yall already do them things, You know what the F**k im talkin bout.
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Synthetic opiate used as a powerful prescription pain-killer, but also popular in rural america as an illegal and cheap narcotic to get high on. Often referred to as "hillbilly heroin" for it's reputation and popularity among the avante garde of the local trailer park.
let's all git high on somma this here oxycottin and go home and beat our wives tonight
by taylor October 10, 2003
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Synthetic opiate ; painkiller. Obtained by prescription. Prescribed for moderate to severe chronic pain. Sold by people who tell their doctor they need it, but rather have $5000 for a bottle of 100 pills. It makes you feel warm and fuzzy, like you're wrapped in the warmest blanket and safe. Yet when your off it, you get withdrawal and anxiety to the world, because you have been numb/high/ for so long. Most people say they see everything "clearer" when they become sober.

10, 20, 40, 80 mg's. The 160's were pulled from the market.

Not something people do (or should do) on the weekend for "fun" like maybe say, alcohol. More like something you "have" to do to have fun, because you're addicted and if you don't do it, you'll feel like shit.
"I love oxycontin but then I hate it?"
"yo..., got anything(oxycontin)?"
The old little lady across the street sold me oxycontin.
by L0VE December 03, 2005
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