School is a torture chamber. You spend the majority of your day in there learning useless knowledge.
by some nutty boi January 13, 2021
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a place where you are sent to for misbehaving or if someone just hates and are forced to be tortured with sharp objects and raped up the ass by a happy meal gnome
by PlayDohMan September 29, 2004
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In basketball, when you have your back to the basket and just push your defender closer and closer towards the basket with your butt.
Mark Jackson will put you in the torture chamber in a second, he doesn't care who you are.
by Jason Quad4x April 28, 2004
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A group consisting of a sadistic psychopath or sociopath along with a victim and sub victim that often supports the psychopath and a committee member that watches and comments. (number of personnel may vary)
That group is totally a Torture Chamber!
by Helzdeth October 15, 2020
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Asian: Hing hong shong chein

*Whips out Samarai sword*
Dog: Screaming intensifies
Asians: enjoys dog soup
Zack: "you going basketball training?"
David: "Nah I'm at the Underground dog torture chamber."
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Making good on her pact with Satan, Angela Aberdeen's tortured and vomit-soaked soul descends into Hell. But Satan is not finished with her yet - He has more suffering planned for his ravaged slave. Angela is sent back up to the surface to stalk and destroy yet another victim. Her return initiates the emergence of a new Angela who is steadily and painfully infected with the Devil's Curse. An appalling metamorphosis befalls the chosen young victim as she is racked by bulimia, and subjected to the dark, forbidden secrets of incest of abuse. Slowly, the two Angelas merge into one Perfect Child of Satan and descend to an eternity of suffering in Hell.
There's one scene where a man cuts a pregnant woman's stomach open, takes out to baby, spits on it, vomits on it, then puts it in a blender, blends it, then drinks it just to vomit AGAIN.
Bro, I watched Slow Torture Puke Chamber last night, my mind is messed up now.
by Your mum is gay lol October 14, 2022
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