Refers to ones neighborhood.
Refers to a person whose experiences are limited to their local evironment. An individual who has a lot of attitude (not in a bad way); They haven't experience much of the world past their block.
It can also refer to someone who although they are worldly they maintain a down to earth quality.
- Yo I just ran into one of my homies I had not seen in a long time, he used to live around the way but he moved.

-You know she don't get out much, she's a round the way girl.

- She blew up, but she's still like a round the way girl
by Ms Brown! May 30, 2008
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A warning, or threatening request, spoken by a person in order to prevent another person trespassing on their 'territory' or 'hood'
stranger: "who's got bud round here?"
"local": "oi cunt, quit bustin' ya hole round these ways"
stranger: "you did NOT just say that cunt, imma get you"

by amanda1223 January 7, 2008
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