v.intr. When a woman get's her man off, by rubbing and stroking his penis through (on top) of his pants. To masturbate with clothing on. Often, the female sits in the man's lap and does it so that no one else knows he's dying of pleasure.
Eric: Fuuuck, Alysha knows how to get a man off, over the pants. I came right there on the couch.

Jason: That bitch won't touch me.

Kyle: Oh god, she rubbed her clit back and forth on my knee, while giving me an over the pants. My boxers where almost covered in cum, but I took her upstairs.

by Eugeneschest December 22, 2005
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its when a girl is giving you a handjob over the pants
man, I was just watching a movie with that girl last night and she starting giving me a hj over the pants.
by beetlegeuse87 September 27, 2009
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An Over the Pants 540 is similar to the normal over the pants handjob, however, there's a twist.
Ex. Over the Pants 540

Things are getting hot in heavy in your friend's dorm room, (Paul) the girl (Shelbi) begins to search for your zipper, but cannot find it, so says FUCK IT we're doing this over the pants. However, over the pants will simply not allow you to BLOW, so she begins what we call the 540. The 540 consists of a 360 degree turn followed by a 180 degree turn in the other direction. This not only allows ejaculation, but is a great wrist workout for your partner, therefore improving future handjobs.
by Aaron540 October 4, 2013
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Ita pretty self explanitory.

The act of pleasuring a man while his pants are still on. Hence "over the pants" it's generally very difficult to master as the penis is hard to get to. You're better off to take his bottoms off and just give him an actual hand job. It's more pleasurable.
I gave Alex an over the pants hand job last night, he needed new boxers when I was done.
by Courtney Dawn June 19, 2014
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To reach for male genitalia during deep make out sessions. Preformed mostly by horny sexless waitresses.
Ms. Sextoast fully did an Over the pant peen touch last night while we watched Free Willy in her basement. I almost skeeted all over her tent card yo.
by Phillissss June 21, 2007
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"Hey dave, how was your date with Chrissy?"
"Oh, it was great man, she gave me an Over the pants hand dance!"
by ColtonK2000 January 6, 2023
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An accidental dick-grab when one is unbalanced or falling over and reaches for something to grab onto for support. This usually lasts for a short period of time, followed by a considerable amount of awkwardness, so it is considered a 'tease' rather than a full squeeze job. Bonus points getting the whole hand around the girth of the penis.
When I was at the ice skating rink last week, I gave my friend an over the pants squeeze tease, after which I bruised my tailbone on the ice.
by puglover90 December 10, 2014
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