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Strong and independent woman. Often loud, but serious when things come down. Enjoys hanging out with new people but only has 2 real friends. Sexy and confident, she has a beautiful body that makes you fantasize about her. Not really liked by many, but loved by important people. Has been through a lot so Nothing bothers her. Falls inlove easily but can break someone's heart in a matter of seconds. Very blunt about her thoughts and feelings.She's honestly beautiful inside and out.
Alysha is strong!
by savingmegann July 11, 2014
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alysha is a really nice girl, she makes an amazing bestfriend and i love her to bits! shes an amazing person and is really good at keeping secrets. she is someone you can always rely on. alysha is gorgeous and has amazing hair. alysha is my bestfriend and i love her loads!:')
girl 1: wow shes pretty
girls 2: yeah thats alysha
by DLB9813 January 13, 2012
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completely gorgeous. i love this girl with all heart my and soul. she is perfect in every way. Sexy, smart and has a great personality. she can be shy at times but is generally confident around everyone and trys to be friends with as many people as possible. she tends to have many insecurities and only keeps one or two people close to her. those who are close to her cant understand why she is so insecure cause she is the most beautiful person in the world inside and out.
Alysha is my whole world at times, my life

Person: that girl is so confident but refined, she is such an alysha
by EmmaRose1106 February 03, 2010
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An incredibly sexy girl who happens to be talented (especially in the arts).
"Damn, did you hear that girl play guitar? She's such an Alysha!"
"Yeah, she IS hot!"
by Ceels April 01, 2009
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An incredibly beautiful lady who when you talk to, you end up spending the whole day waiting for a response over msn, cuz you never want to stop talking to her. other than gorgeous, smart(knows about bach music for some reason), fun to talk to, and amazing in every other quality anyone would want in a girl, theres no more i can say about this girl. whoever ends up with her for the rest of their life is probably the envy of the world. and i hope this person knows what they have. jus sayin :D
Alysha is now online

some guy;)- "oh, cancel the day, gotta talk to alysha"
by sexximan:) December 12, 2010
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Alysha is usually the quiet one. She loves to draw, and enjoys romantic movies. She's really into sport too. Alysha's usually have brown-blonde hair, and tan skin. They also tend to have glasses, but glasses suit them. Alysha's are quite tall, but wide at the hips. Nice bodies, and have natural big boobs. Alysha's love to get dressed up, even if there is no occasion. Alysha's give the best hugs. Alysha's have a perfect personality. The best sense of humour, gives the nicest compliments, and knows how to cheer up her friends. She's also very pretty and any boy would be happy to hold her.
"She gave me the best hug!"

"Must have been an Alysha."
by SoccerFreak12 September 06, 2013
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