Spermination in the pants, when seeing something glorious!
"....Is that Jessican Alba over there?"

"o wow! it is... i think i just creamed my pants..."
by Garbo Boyz April 11, 2006
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trying to put creamer in your coffee on a bumpy rode and spilling it on your pants instead
i was driving and saw michael washing her car, i totally creamed my pants and had to go clean up at home
by Smallcreep July 14, 2014
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More than 5 music playback devices playing Vanessa Carlton's "1000 Miles" in non-synchronized timing.
Oh man, creaming my pants to Vanessa Carlton is always a blast!
by vanessa mccarlton April 11, 2017
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"Creaming in my pants" is a term from the 1900s. It means that something is arousing you. Literally, that you are "creaming in your pants."
by creaming March 24, 2010
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