Ita is the loveliest girl you will ever meet, she's shy and sweet, when you see her walk into the room your heart softens, she usually is close friends with a bunch of funny and crazy douchbags that will beat the shit out of you if you mess with her. She has the softest hair and the most stunning eyes. She gives everything to others and sometimes that leaves her feeling hopeless and lost. She is absolutely incredible and you definitely want to be friends with her! (She can be a super sensitive but don't worry about it)
"I love Ita with my whole heart, she's the most incredible friend"

"But how? She doesn't talk to anyone!"
by Bees bees November 16, 2020
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Grandmother. just like in english one calls their grandmother granny, in spanish they call them ita (pernounced e-ta)
abuelita=grandmother in the diminuative
ita for short :)
by lorii_93 October 6, 2009
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ITA Hillary! It's the perfect time for a woman to run for president.
by Jan September 7, 2003
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A term used for wanna be lolitas. Comes from the japanese term "Ita Lolita" which stands for "Och Lolita". Meaning that the person looks so bad that it hurts the eyes.
by BespaRose April 25, 2008
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Man, I hate my boss. He's been giving it to me ITA all week long.
by DementedDave October 7, 2010
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Instant trouser arouser. ITA's are beautiful girls in short skirts and a low cut top (if any top at all). An Instant trouser arouser, makes you receive an immediate boner when one is seen.
Fuk me Jon, look at that ITA, her tits are hanging out!!!
by Dan Bell November 5, 2005
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Is this allowed
Why are they sitting like that? ITA?
by moliwasson June 18, 2018
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