A name for a girl who can be described in only a positive way. She's someone who you immediately love once you get to know just a little bit about. She's always confident wherever she goes and may seem overconfident to some. But she doesn't fully believes the things she says and doesn't realize she's astonishing and beautiful. Don't get me wrong she loves who she is, she's just humble. She truly cares about her family and is truly happy that she was born into her family. She's loves to talk about her heritage and how great her country is. She's someone you need in your life and can't have without. She's a brilliant girl who always works hard to get the best grades she can. You could be having the worst day ever but when you talk to her you forget all your problems and just can't stop yourself from smiling. Also when your talking to her she'll make you laugh for sure. She's a beautiful girl who has a smile that makes you forget about everything and eyes that you get lost in while looking in them. Whenever she's around you can't help to look at her. She's a strong girl who never bothers people with her problems, she just deals with it herself.
I wish Chrissy was here right now, if she was here everything would get 10x better.
by Just Some Bored Guy September 15, 2018
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A beautiful girl. Always in a relationship. Should keep her if you have her and if you lost her you lost a diamond! Don't f**k with her cause if you do she'll make you regret it big time. May be kind of a flirt but when she does love it's the best thing in the world.
"Man I should've told Chrissy how I felt"
by Koreankieran August 28, 2016
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A laid back person

a great sense of humor

Gets along with alot of people
Has mostly guy friends
"Dude Chrissy is so laid back"
"I know right i wish i had a laid back personality like her"
by Clmnsnsns October 28, 2016
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Plain Amazing.
Always there to listen. No matter what.
Whether she cares or not.
Always listens to people's problems and gives advice.
by OnlyxMFxAngel February 18, 2009
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literally the coolest person to walk earth. very sweet and obsessed with jess mariano. also pretty and everyone's favorite person <3
by yoitszadie December 29, 2022
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Chrissy is the nickname given to girls who were named Christina or Christine. In my experience Chrissy's are extremely attractive, fun to be around, down to earth and generally really cool people.
Look up any girl named Chrissy on Myspace and you will see that they are all hot as shit.

Hey Chrissy, wanna go to dinner Saturday night?

I have the biggest crush on Chrissy man.

Mike: I was thinking about asking Chrissy out this weekend.

Dave: Not if I ask her first.

Chrissy's are the hottest girls on the planet.
by Dman85 March 18, 2009
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1: Beautiful
2: Amazing listener
3: Always has great shoes
4: Has more problems than she lets anyone know about
5: A shoulder to cry on
6: Tends to fall for the wrong guys
7: Funny
8: Impossible not to love
9: Often mistaken for a slut
10: Means what she says
11: Adored by guys
Gaige: who are you dating?
Cody: chrissy
Gaige: man your lucky!!!

Anna: whos your sis?
Lexi: chrissy
Anna: wow. you have a sis you can really talk to
by roseypanda199 September 20, 2009
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