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the coolest, funniest, sexiest friend ever, with an awesome friend which is to cool to be revealed to the public. Needs to come back so i can go buy her some ice cream
at dairy queen.
hey u no shelbi
yea that really kool girl
yea thats her alrite.=
by D. Marsh March 08, 2009
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A girl who is a very nice and outgoing person who can make anyone laugh. Shelbi's are always smiling, laughing, or being crazy. Usually they're hot blondes with nice butts. Sometimes they're dumb blondes, too.!! Rarely they have green eyes and are tall for their age. & are a very beautiful human being..
You know that pretty girl Shelbi?

yeah , the blonde one.
by theBigBootyBlonde July 27, 2011
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An old saggy-tittied hag who can't get her boyfriend to love her.
Guy 1: Dude have you seen Shelbi?
Guy 2: Yea dude, She looks like an old hag
Guy 1: She's only 16 man..
Guy 2: Oh sh-
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by Mswydnle June 29, 2018
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A fucking blond slut who suck white dick and fucks with fuckboys likes guys named Alex
Shelbi is a hoe
by Rando. August 16, 2016
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Loves Jason Castro, who is her long term, serious, true love boyfriend, likes purple, sparkles, and sour razzles.

Will make cream of your face.

Knocks lamps over repeatedly.

Hates ugly, jiggly whores that let guys jizz in their eyes and then try to demean other peoples lives.

Quite enjoys a nice pair of slacks.

Killed a guy with a trident once.

Shoplifts frequently.

Spends all free time on
I heard that the girl that gets Jason's pantz all to herself is Shelbi.
by Shelbi93 September 06, 2008
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