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When you think you have seen or met some guy who is the biggest douche you have ever met, his friend comes along who is WAY worse and you realize he has been

"out-douched" much in the way one is out-classed.
Example: Ted (wearing his favorite sparkly Afflicton shirt) stepped out of his mercedes (to valet and that he CLEARLY cannot afford) runs into his pal, Jonathan, who is wearing a similar shirt AND his Ed Hardy hat. Obviously Ted has been out-douched by Jonathan.
by nickynicnic November 27, 2010
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1. used to describe a situation when one is bested by a doucher or multiple douchers in any number of environments

2. condition occurring, when despite ones best efforts, is gotten over upon by someone with ulterior motives

3. one can also outdouche ones opponent by succeeding despite their opponents best efforts
1. I was going to leave work early but the boss outdouched me again.

2. I was totally going to get that girl's number but I was outdouched by some guy that probably has VD.

3. They were going to fire me but I outdouched them and got a promotion
by hwic November 27, 2007
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