The place where you live, or "chill" .
Another word for cool.

"we're in the hood now, John" said Bob
"tru dat nigga" said John

"Lets go to my hood and chill"
by Traverse May 6, 2006
to put something on your hood to prove it is true; say when wanting to prove something that you know is true; for use in an argument
"on my hood i got the new j's!"
by Buns McFarty May 12, 2005
When a dude rubs his taint on a ladies hood.
Mark, whilst rubbing his taint all over Mary's hood, made her cry out repeatedly, "taint my hood."
by thedirtymaker November 16, 2011
A G unit gangsters way to say O MY GOODNESS..Its nice but hip
by DONT HESITATE February 14, 2006
derived from elnglish, translated means: hello chum, how are things progressing in your homestead my dear and close companion?
yo blood, whats crackin in yo hood my young pimpin mc?
by BWEIss March 15, 2003