To rapidly gain weight, particulary following a rapid loss.
"Sue went on a diet, doesn't she look great?"

"Yeah, but she'll Oprah that weight back in a few months".
by T-pack January 13, 2009
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A unit of weight that is approximately 200 pounds.
"My car weighs about 8 Oprahs"
"How much do I weigh? 3/4 of an Oprah last time I checked"
by Dryani October 07, 2009
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Guy: What you watchin'?
Girl: Oprah...
Guy: Ah that political correct annoying bitch!? I'd take Jerry Springer over her bullshit any day!
by FilMasta March 04, 2009
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Future communist ruler of both our planet and Mars. Oprah currently has the funds to overthrow the world, and mass produce anything needed to start her new feminist communist colony. Can also be used to describe extreme wealth, power, or deception.
If we didn't watch him closely he would have pulled an Oprah.
by eightball1023@hotmail.com March 28, 2007
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An annoying television personality who is always looking for attention. She is also always in the tabloids for being such a fatass, and the fans of her show are wacky fat chicks who feel bad about themselves. She always has this crook doctor named mehmet oz on her show offering medical advice for every ailment possible (breast cancer,arthritis,diabetes,kidney stones,infertility, the guy knows everything) Oprah is just a depressed fat bitch because she doesnt get any dick because no guy in their right mind would want to bone Oprah because she is such a bossy asshole. Stedman backed out of the engagement cause he finally realized marrying oprah probably wouldnt be a good idea. She is a liberal and loves to talk about rimming.
Man: Look at Oprah,she loves getting attention even if its negative like her fatassness.
by bananapeelz July 12, 2009
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The world's current Sith Lord
Her current apprentices are possibly Dr Phil or that white designer he-bitch she owns, or perhaps even Tom Cruise (hehe midget)

"Watch out or Oprah will fry you with her sith powers"
"Oprah is so Sithy she eats bricks for breakfast (which also explains her weight)"
"Oprah is going to take over the galaxy one day, better not pay out black folks"
by Elmin October 16, 2005
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To coax an answer or confession out of someone with gentle persuasion, like the talk-show host.
"I didn't want to tell her, but she Oprah'd it out of me."
by The Evil Pop Tart February 27, 2005
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