the nice way of saying to hold for just a moment
"Just wait please, I will be with you shortly"
by weedgirl August 19, 2007
A surprising and major come up/comeback to take place in the near future to prove wrong to those who doubted you.
I may have lost my job but I'm gona bounce back, just wait on it.
by ManManTres April 17, 2015
Alexander Hamilton wants you to wait..... he is gonna do something very special so just you wait.
by Aid_Nic September 14, 2020
Euphemism for "wait a minute" or "hold the phone." Typically used when one is experiencing an epiphany or life-altering escapade.
"Now wait just a diddly darn minute," said Vanessa after hearing the news about Harambe's murder.
by K8theGr8est March 16, 2017
it'll say buy a wait, just don't buy a mug
wait, just don't buy a mug
by YOU GOT JEBAITED May 5, 2021