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(adj) A very cute, innocent, almost cherubic, person. They may also be a little chubby
Bombo is so blubber. He gives the best hugs!
by Yumbo Woodland December 14, 2008
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another term for fat..if someone has a beer belly stomach, you would be like "look at all that blubber on his stomach"
HOLY SHIT! did you SEE that blubber jiggling on that girls thighs??
by Maybelline September 25, 2005
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Another German Word for Bong (Waterpipe in which you smoke pot).
"Gib mal den Blubber, ich will n Kopf rauchen" ->
"Pass me the Bong, I wanna smoke a head"
by Kerl_Kerlsen April 09, 2007
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