Some shithead that wasn’t good enough for god
Thank you mr.needful
Please, call me the devil
I think not
by Goats ‘n Goats October 4, 2018
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The devil is real. Read the bible and stop believing he doesn't exist. This is what gets people. Christians who claim they don't believe he exists is what destorys your faith from the inside. When he does this, you do all this crap and fall deeper into sin and stop believing in Jesus. All the devil wants to do is drag you deeper into sin and destroy your faith so that you can suffer forever with him in Hell when his time is up. The devil won't stop trying to destroy your faith, he is persistent. He is also a liar and amurder and a thief. He is the father of all lies. You can't fight him alone but Jesus can and he will help you if you choose his gift of faith. Can I get another AMEN?
The greatest lie the devil has decieved us with and still tries to is to make us believe he doesn't exist.
by Dave_1983 September 23, 2005
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The code name when Coco’s mom walks in the room
The devils coming, she is coming

by OneOfThoseMofos September 9, 2019
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A Russian politician and former intelligence officer who is the president of Russia.
The barbarianism of the devil's war on Ukraine is nothing new.

War crime charges won't be enough to deter the devil.

The devil is losing in Ukraine. But he’s winning in Russia.
by jmill666 April 11, 2022
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a seemingly innocent and pure soul being changed into an evil soul and said person's life forever
He was devilated by the book and turned into a monster. He goes all evil now.
by Devilated Game June 3, 2017
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