fat black lady who is a closet lesbian and racist. shes gonna grow her female black army and exterminate anyone else, and have extra torchure to white males because she must hate them so much. she gives out gifts that are bugged so she can spy on america. she brainwashes feminists and soccarmoms to do her communist biddings. They slowly are starting with the candy and sugar industry and slowly shutting those down by encourging moms to not buy soda or candy. then she is going to invade the book industry by making her books the most popular and having book stores only stock them. then, she will have her soccarmom and feminist commandos blow certain targets like the capital and cartain military instilations. then she will order her cloned army of black female warriors to detonate the remote bombs placed in her free cars. they will invate the usa, then the un. the undercover agents (identifiable by any black women in any power) will be a mole in the government and create mass confusion allowing her "sisters" to invade with no oposition. the reason i know this is that if you copy down her blinking motions, she spells out codes without vowels and if you dicipher them, shes telling her army when to attack. predicted by the mayans. going to happen on 2012
just wait america. you all think im crazy, but ill be the only one left when you are getting killed by cravy feminist black chicks and oprah
by killoprah before its too late December 02, 2009
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The first woman to have ever been taken hostage by her own minge.
Oprah's minge took her hostage when his plan to discredit her and force her into retirement backfired.
by rustyschackleford January 14, 2008
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A person with soooooo much power in America that countless drones of women elect to the top role of president a jr. senator with no experience, who before he's allowed to take office, causes a daily stock market plunge.
"Man, that damn bitch Oprah has just Oprahed our economical tomb."
by fanodan13 December 06, 2008
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Noun: Blubber or fat.

Adjective: Obese.

Ad-verb: As if to stuff your self with food.

Verb: To jiggle that fat.
Noun: Me eating all this cake won't me lose the extra oprah i have around my buttocks.

Adjective: I saw some oprah people licking grease off themselves a McDonalds.

Ad-verb: Cartmen oprahly ate the Cheesy Poofs.

Verb: As the man began making the move on the obese lady, she oprahed, and the man promptly left.
by scottthedoughboy November 19, 2007
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The devil. She is gonna take over the world 1 day. I'll be ready. How about you???
How do you think Oprah got all that cheese????
by Jwilz November 01, 2007
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A person of any race who went from being poor to beng a billionaire, or just rich.
Look at Becky over there with her Mercedes, she's such an Oprah.
by Spaz Attack July 02, 2006
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talk show host. america has thrived off her for 20 years. shes now become the antichrist stating her own religious beliefs which over 2 million people believe now in a matter of days
"Hey man why don't you go to church anymore?"

"Church? F*** church man. I got Oprah."
by JORDAN NORRIS April 22, 2008
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